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One way of helping children in a poor community is to sponsor a school.


  • Build teachers’ quarters for four teachers – $35,000
  • Complete the construction of a three storeyed building which will provide classroom, staffroom, a library and boarding section for children who travel long distances.Cost – $130,000
  • Boost the school solar power system  – $11,400
  • Furniture and computer for the school library – $8,000

A complete, installed solar electrical system for lighting classrooms, powering a computers, printer and a photocopier for the teachers

Teachers and students

  • Provide a cup of porridge for each of the 400+ students. It is common for the children to attend school with empty stomachs. Frequent droughts destroy crops and livelihoods of the community. Hunger interferes with the students’ ability to learn. Cost $10,000 per year.
  • Students’ curriculum books for 400+ children – $24,000 per year.

The cheapest books are provided by SIPRO book suppliers. They provide curriculum books at a cost of about $60 per child per year. Children get books for the four core subjects for the whole year. These books will be used like library books so that they serve several years.

  • Short term support for 12 teachers’ salaries – $22,000 per year

Sponsoring a teacher is an incredible way to ensure that many children get quality education. Rural school teachers sacrifice each day in an effort to teach on a very low pay and without proper resources. We shall add a grade seven teacher in 2016

School Administration

  • A school motorcycle – $2,500

This helps with medical emergencies. Motorcycles are cost effective with low maintenance costs

  • School supplies and planning books – $1,500 for a year

This includes exam papers, planning and scheming books, chalk, photocopying paper, printer ink etc.

Community empowerment

  • A goat for a family for – $75 or a dairy cow for a family for – $650

Animals like goats and cows provide vital nutrition to feed children and families while bringing extra income.

Your sponsorship will help us to complete the school construction, pay teachers a living wage, buy books, school supplies, uniforms, and provide lunch for the children.

We believe we can make a difference.