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There are many ways to get involved, and help the Amazing Love Development Organization (ALDO) to support the hard to reach children of Nakyere village, Uganda.

ALDO relies on the generosity of individuals, groups and sponsors to provide the gift of education to the 400+ children and their community to rescue them from a poverty trap. Together, we can do it.

Since its inception, ALDO has incurred zero overhead costs. It is run purely on a volunteer basis. Every dollar received goes directly to the school.

Tax Deductible Donation Receipt:
A Tax Deductible Donation Receipt will be issued by the Uganda Relief and Development Organization (URDO) – Charitable Registration # -890627995RR0001  for donations $10 or more.

Who can fundraise for us?
Anyone who wants to make a positive difference and provide an opportunity for the Amazing Love School children break the poverty mentality and to rise to their full potential. You can do it as an individual, group of friends, schools, businesses… everyone!

We are grateful to the many individuals and groups who will help us by running their own fundraising events to donate the money raised to ALDO

We would like to again count on your support in giving, sponsoring and volunteering.
Please share with colleagues and friends on a social network or put together a fundraising event. Your investment will change lives and make a difference. We are available to speak to schools or colleges, churches or places of work.

  • You can donate a single gift or a monthly gift.
  • You can sponsor a cause or form a group to support a cause
  • You can volunteer.
  • You can include ALDO in your will.

Other ways to fundraise:

Garage Sale
Get some of your friends or neighbours together and hold a big garage sale.

Matching Funds:
Many employers / businesses will match gifts raised by their employees or customers. Ask your employer to support your efforts, and notify fellow employees of the opportunity to maximize their giving.

Organize fundraisers for Celebrations of mothers’ / fathers’ day, birthday or anniversary etc. Solicit corporate and foundation giving.

Become an ambassador
For teachers with a passion for making a difference, ALDO would like to get ALDO Canada Ambassadors in every school in Canada. Help us by becoming our contact person.

  • Fundraise with your class and school
  • Contribute to any of the Funds
  • Share with colleagues and your friends on a social network
  • Send a group of students for a life changing experience
  • Visit the school to train teachers and volunteers
  • Sponsor a student or teacher

If interested, please emails us your name, school and address at which to send you the details.


One way of helping children in a poor community is to sponsor a school.


  • Complete the construction of a three storeyed building to provide classroom, staffroom, a library and boarding section for children who travel long distances – Cost $150,000

  • Build teachers’ quotas to attract and retain qualified teachers – Cost $35,000
  • Provide solar power system for the school – $12,000

A complete, installed solar electrical system for lighting classrooms, powering a computers, printer and a photocopier for the teachers

  • A school library – $10,000

To develop a love for reading and raise curiosity

Teachers and students

  • Provide a cup of porridge for each of the 400+ students. It is common for the children to attend school with empty stomachs. Frequent droughts destroy crops and livelihoods of the community. Hunger interferes with the students’ ability to learn. Cost $10,000 per year.

  • Students’ curriculum books for 400+ children – $24,000 per year.

The cheapest books are provided by SIPRO book suppliers. They provide curriculum books at a cost of about $60 per child per year. Children get books for the four core subjects for the whole year. These books will be used like library books so that they serve several years.

  • Short term support for 12 teachers’ salaries – $22,000 per year

Sponsoring a teacher is an incredible way to ensure that many children get quality education. Rural school teachers sacrifice each day in an effort to teach on a very low pay and without proper resources. We shall add a grade seven teacher in 2016

School Administration

  • A school motorcycle – $2,500

This helps with medical emergencies. Motorcycles are cost effective with low maintenance costs

  • School supplies and planning books – $1,500 for a year

This includes exam papers, planning and scheming books, chalk, photocopying paper, printer ink etc.

Community empowerment

  • A goat for a family for – $75 or a dairy cow for a family for – $650

Animals like goats and cows provide vital nutrition to feed children and families while bringing extra income.

Your sponsorship will help us to pay the complete the school construction, pay teachers a living wage, buy books, school supplies, uniforms, and provide lunch for the children.

We believe we can make a difference.


You can donate a single gift or a monthly gift. You can donate in someone else’s name or leave a gift in your will to Amazing Love Development Organization. You can also consider donating to the following causes.

Construction Fund – (classrooms, library, teachers’ houses, etc.) examples:

$15 provides a bag of cement
$50 provides panes for one door and $30 provides panes for one window
$7,000 provides one classroom
$12,000 provides a school solar power system
$35,000 provides teachers’ quotas for four teachers

Education Fund – (textbooks, stationery, desks, chairs, etc.) examples:

$60 provides 5 textbook for a teacher or student
$40 provides a desk for 4 children
$35 provides a teacher’s table and $20 provides a chair
$500 provides school stationery for a semester
$2,000 provides a motorcycle for the school

Student Fund – (contribution to student’s fees and uniforms) examples:

$20 provides a school uniform for one child for a year
$20 provides a pair of shoes for a child
$50 provides porridge for one school child for a year
$15 provides school supplies for a school child for a year
$50 provides a portable water tank for kids to wash hands
$500 provides a desktop computer and printer and supplies

Teacher Fund – (support teachers’ salaries and welfare) examples:

$90 provides wages for a teacher for a month
$130 provides wages for a head teacher for a month
$100 provides a bicycle for a teacher

To Donate:

  1. Use PayPal on the website  or

  2. Deposit directly to Amazing Love Development Organization at Bank of Montreal: Account #:39418995170, Institution #: 001, Transit #: 39412 for Canada or 3941 outside Canada or

  3. Write a cheque to Amazing Love Development Organization and mail to 83 Sandford Crescent, Whitby, ON. L1R 2S1 or

  4. Wire money to:

Receiving Bank Information
Bank of Montreal
1615 Dundas Street East, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2L1 Canada
Routing Information: 026005092

Receiving Account Information
Amazing Love Development Organization
83 Sandford Crescent
Whitby, Ontario L1R 2S1
Account number: 8995170
Transit number: 3941 for Canada or 39412 outside Canada
Institution number: 001

Thank you for making a difference


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Amazing Love Development Organization. To place your name on the volunteer list, please fill out the form below, and we shall be in touch as soon as possible. Your contribution makes our work possible. We cannot do without your support.

ALDO seeks to strengthen its Board of Directors with individuals with skills, and experience necessary to take the organization through the next stage in its exciting development. ALDO Canada is looking for the following skills:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

  • Administration

  • Clerical

  • Writing and Editing

  • Fundraising

  • Project Management

  • Education, and

  • Managing websites

Volunteers can be recent college graduates, current college students, working professionals, teachers, couples, retirees, or anyone else who is committed to education and making a difference. Please complete the form below to express your interest.

Overseas Teaching

Quality education enables people to break out of the poverty trap and enhance the quality of life for themselves and their community. You’ll be helping a whole community to overcome poverty.

Volunteers can be teachers or non- teaching individuals or couples committed to education and development. Teaching experience is not necessary but must:

  • Be a caring, motivated individual, and committed to helping underprivileged children.

  • Be ready to live in a rural area; and

  • Have a desire to make a difference in the lives of the students.

We have opportunities for volunteers to assist with teaching at the:

  • Preschool: teach Basic English skills and carry out basic childcare duties.

  • Elementary school: teach core subjects, such as English, mathematics, science, social sciences, and extra-curricular activities.

We also need people who can provide training in the following:

  • Capacity building for community members in leadership and management

  • Financial literacy, business-planning and leadership seminars

  • Entrepreneur skills

  • Teacher and school Management Training

  • Literacy and Numeracy Training

  • School Management Committee Training

We believe we can make a difference.

Please complete the form below to express your interest.

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