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You can donate a single gift or a monthly gift. You can donate in someone else’s name or leave a gift in your will to Amazing Love Development Organization. You can also consider donating to the following causes.

Construction Fund – (classrooms, library, teachers’ houses, etc.) examples:

$20 provides a bag of cement
$50 provides panes for one door and $30 provides panes for one window
$7,000 provides one classroom
$11,400 provides a school solar power system

Education Fund – (textbooks, stationery, desks, chairs, etc.) examples:

$60 provides 5 textbooks for a teacher or student
$40 provides a desk for 3 children
$35 provides a teacher’s table and $20 provides a chair
$500 provides school stationery for a semester
$2,500 provides a motorcycle for the school

Student Fund – (contribution to student’s fees and uniforms) examples:
$20 provides a school uniform for one child for a year
$20 provides a pair of shoes for a child
$50 provides porridge for one school child for a year
$50 provides school supplies for a school child for a year
$50 provides a portable water tank for kids to wash hands
$500 provides a desktop computer and printer and supplies

Teacher Fund – (support teachers’ salaries and welfare) examples:
$125 provides wages for a teacher for a month
$200 provides wages for a head teacher for a month
$150 provides a bicycle for a teacher

To Donate:

  1. Use PayPal on the website  or
  2. Write a cheque to Amazing Love Development Organization and mail to 83 Sandford Crescent, Whitby, ON. L1R 2S1

Thank you for making a difference