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Promote Academic Excellence and Spiritual and Character Development

Amazing Love School has 400+ children in regular attendance, 11 teachers, 2 cooks and a general labourer. The school is positioning itself to provide high academic standards for all students in a positive and caring atmosphere, supported by teachers, support staff and the local community.

Student centered learning is emphasized. In July 2015, the school held the first student led science exhibition in the whole district. The school holds the “Heart to Heart” sessions with kids to promote good character and good citizenship which is helping to develop leadership skills.

To achieve our goals, we have embarked on improving the quality of teaching and learning using clear learning objectives, establishing student expectations and monitoring student performance. We are committed to helping every student reach his or her full potential. We have introduced school debates, interest and academic clubs, spelling competitions and academic excursions. We also provide professional and personal development sessions for teachers and school boards.  Some of the goals we are working towards include:

  1. Recruitment of a head teacher for effective leadership
  2. Securing teachers’ and student curriculum books
  3. A school solar power system to help children to read at night and help teachers with lesson preparation.
  4. Complete the construction of classrooms
  5. Create a  library with books, newspapers, computers, Internet access, where children learn new skills and do their homework.

The School project is changing the lives of children and the community for the better. We are working hard to create a reading culture by providing simple books for children and teachers.  Please consider joining us in the effort to provide the gift of education.

Empowering the Community to Help their Children

Apart from abject poverty in the village, there is a low standard of public services. Constant droughts, diseases, and illiteracy make it difficult for parents to provide their children with basic needs like food, clean water and shelter. This affects the physical and mental development of children. Some of our children have sight impairment with no opportunity to visit an eye doctor.

In a face to face dialogue with some of our supporter, we received valuable and insightful ideas of how to take the project to the next level. We need to support social-economic skills development to enhance self- reliance and sustainability in order to alleviate food shortages, enhance household incomes and improve living conditions.  The following sustainability Programs were identified:

  • Diversification of farming practices and use of irrigation
  • Community tourism and electrification
  • Provision of drought resistant seeds
  • Skills training
  • Micro finance

Access to micro finance will support small business projects; support modern agricultural methods and provide a much needed source of income for families. When parents are empowered, they will be in position to support their children with nutritious food, clothing and also contribute to teachers’ salaries.

We are looking for partnerships to work with to bring about the much needed changes.

Please join us in the effort to bring hope to people of Nakyere. Your donation to project is tax deductible.

Support Teacher Retention and Students Welfare

Teacher retention is a huge challenge in rural schools. The teacher turnover in schools that has a great impact on the students and other teachers, in high-poverty population where teacher attraction is already a challenge is problematic.

In rural communities, teachers are underpaid and overworked. They have no health insurance, no access to electricity, running water or internet.  Many schools operate in unsafe buildings; lack toilets and other basic facilities. Text books are hard to come by and usually only a teacher has a copy of the textbook. The poor infrastructure makes it difficult and expensive to get by. All this limits their ability to teach effectively and greatly affect teachers’ welfare and retention.

 Realities for children at Amazing Love School:

  • Some students come to school to get their only meal of the day (1 cup of corn meal flour put in hot water – no sugar or milk).
  • Many students still struggle with learning how to read or write
  • Some students come to school without books or pencils because of the costs
  • Students rely on copying what is handwritten on the chalk board
  • Most students have no school uniforms – a requirement for all schools
  • Lack of shoes endangers children during rainy seasons or when using pit latrines
  • Many complaints about headaches and tummy aches are usually due to hunger.

We would like to provide a nutritious meal to every student each school day and receive short term sponsors for teachers’ salaries, teaching resources, school uniforms, shoes and scholastic materials for students.

Find out how you can help by visiting our How You Can Help Page

Construct School Buildings and Support Services

School development is a very effective way of helping hundreds of children in impoverished communities to get a decent start in life. We are working with teachers, the local community, education officers and parents to ensure the success of the school.

At the Amazing Love School, we are short of classrooms. With the 400+ children, we need to expand the school to meet the growing need for classrooms, library, staff room, offices and storage space in order to accommodate effective learning.

  • The multi-purpose building used for kindergarten was completed in 2006
  • 4 classroom block started in 2008 was completed in 2013
  • 2 kitchens and playgrounds were completed in 2014
  • 5 classroom three storeyed block was started in 2014
  • School water-well started in 2015

We are grateful for all the support we have received. We are seeking capital funders to come alongside us in completing the storeyed building. The building will have three levels providing a boarding section to accommodate children who travel long distances to school.

The estimated cost to completion is $150,000 which includes the three classrooms, a library, offices, staff room, and accommodation for children.

Please support us in completing this project.

Collaborate Through Partnerships

Schools are most effective in addressing the needs of children and their families when school staff and the community partners work collaboratively. Collaborating in groups helps teachers share ideas, increases student achievement, creates a positive school climate and increases community involvement.

Amazing Love School students have been introduced to collaboration skills to help them learn together in small groups. This is helping students to develop higher level thinking, social interaction skills, communication skills and problem solving.

We have forged a partnership between the school, community, local government and educational authorities.  We are now seeking to collaborate internationally with individuals and organizations that share the same vision.  Areas of collaboration include:

  • Education and Training
  • Community Development
  • Infrastructure Development

We welcome partners to work with us to make a difference.

Train in Leadership and Skills Development

Skills development is critical to rural development especially in predominantly agricultural communities. We are investing in developing young leaders. At Amazing Love School, the elected school council and a team of elected school prefects have done a phenomenal job in acting as a link between the student body, the school boards, teachers and parents.

Children lead school clubs and programs like heart to heart and they prepare reports for the administrators about student welfare, school rules and academic needs. In July 2015, they took lead of the first student led science exhibition in the district.

We regularly conduct training sessions for local leaders in organizational and effective management principles. The two school boards have been trained in their responsibilities. Young people are learning about brick-laying, carpentry and modern farming practices. The local oven constructed in 2014 trained teachers and students on how to bake cakes, and make local pastries. Some women have started catering to the school children.

There is still a lot to be done. Our current goal is to:

  • Remove barriers and unleash the potential young people have, through experiences at home, school and community.
  • Equip young people with skills for entrepreneurship.
  • Improve the professional competencies of teachers.
  • Support self-reliance and sustainable development.

We welcome capacity builders to join us in these projects.